Forex Signals for Forex Managed Accounts

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It's not Forex managed accounts but much better with Forex signals

Managed Forex accounts are growing in popularity. Investing in a Forex managed account can be an ideal way to add diversification to a traditional investment portfolio, and to increase overall returns. As your automated Forex signal provider I can do much better than Forex managed accounts: 
  • My Forex signals are profitable with the potential to turn your $25K account to $250K in 1 year: Just click the widget below to see how I trade and my performance in real time.
  • You earn extra money  (cash back rebates) from your Forex broker: To avoid trading conflict, I don't earn any money by making trades from your account. However, you should earn cash rebates which are extra money for you when I am trading your account from your broker.
  • No gain, no pay: I don't get paid until  I produce 100% or more net new profits for your account.
  • You have total control of your account: You use Forex trade copier from metatrader247 to duplicate orders between my signal account to your MT4 account. You can turn on the Forex trade copier to duplicate my trades to your account or turn it off to stop trading my signals. It's all up to you and you are the only one has total control of your Forex account and your money. I don't have any access to your money and account.
  • Reasonable risk and minimal requirement: Your total risk to trade my signals is 30% of your initial investment and the minimal to trade my signal is only $25K or equivalant or more.
  • Remove the limitation of total investment: Most Forex brokers limit trade size to 50 to 100 lots per order. To meet the maximum trade size, I can only accept up to $400K total capital if I trade managed Forex accounts. By using trade copier to duplicate my trades to our client MT4 accounts, each individual investor can trade up to $400K.
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